Stewed Beans and Corn

Stewed Beans and Corn

This is a quick meal to make if you’ve got all the three ingredients already at hand. Stewed beans and corn is made with already cooked plain beans, corn and leftover stew. I cook brown beans with lots of onions and a little salt, then freeze them in storage plates and that makes it easy … Continue Reading →

Baby Plantain Puree2

Ripe Plantain and Vegetable Puree

Call it baby’s first plantain porridge and you are right. Plantain is part of our delicious Nigerian cuisine and can be fed to babies as a weaning meal. Ripe plantain can easily be mashed up once cooked and fed alone or with  other foods to older babies. Cut ripe or unripe plantain into strips or … Continue Reading →

Baby Fruit Yogurt

Baby Fruit Yogurt

Store-bought baby fruit yogurt are filled with so much sugar that i personally cannot even put them in my mouth, i’m naturally not a sweet tooth though. I have a few brands that i buy their yogurts when i feel like buying them, especially for when outside the house. Remember that yogurt is very good and … Continue Reading →

Carrot & Oat Cake

Carrot and Oats Cake

Carrot and Oats cake is filled with healthy stuff…from oats to carrots, yoghurt, milk, honey and lovely natural spices that gives it a flavoursome aroma. This is a snack that can be made to be enjoyed by the kids at home without much guilt. Now, as much as we should indulge the kids with the sweet … Continue Reading →

Ground Dried Fish

How to make Baby’s Ground Dried Fish

Dried fish is a regular one in many Nigerian and African soups, stews and food. Fish is a good source of protein and with the bones intact, you derive an abundance of calcium which is needed for the development of those young bones and teeth. The process of drying fish varies from the traditional to … Continue Reading →

3-fruit puree

No-Cook Baby Fruits Puree

This no-cook baby fruits puree is a combination of avocado, banana and mango fruits to make a delicious baby puree for your baby. They are all fruits that require no cooking before you can give to your baby and once pureed or mashed, it can be served alone or added to their pap, porridge custard … Continue Reading →

Meatball Ogbono Soup

Meatball Ogbono Soup

Nigerian soups are good for our babies, toddlers and kids as a healthy, nutritious and yummy food, but you just have to make theirs different from ours because of salt, pepper, bones and all (lol). I have discovered that my little one prefers eating soups that draw and most mums i’ve interacted with also experience … Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato & Liver Puree3

Carrot Liver and Sweet Potato Puree

Adding spices to baby food is a good way of introducing their taste buds to the world of our own foods. When they are served food with different flavours, they may find it easier to accept more solid and family food in the future rather than giving them bland store-bought baby foods or cereals that … Continue Reading →

BanaZobs Lollies

BanaZobs (Banana-Zobo) Lollies

Fruit lollies are a healthy way to quench the kids thirst during the hot weather. It beats ice cream and very sugary drinks anyday. The BanaZobs lollies idea came from looking at the leftovers from straining my zobo drink. I looked at the pulp and thought “what better way to use it rather than throwing … Continue Reading →

Chunky Mince and Beans

Chunky Mince and Beans

I’m always looking for how to incorporate beans into my children’s food.  I’m glad they are getting to love some of the beans creations like the creamy beans porridge and the ukwa beans…the “beans makes you grow tall” tale is working in my favour. Chunky mince and beans is a combination of mince meat and … Continue Reading →

Mummy's Yum Zobo Drink

Mummy’s Yum Zobo Drink

Zobo (Zogbo or Zogborodo as we used to call it in the days) is a popular drink in Nigeria and is made with the leaves or flowers of the hibiscus plant. Apart from making the drink, the leaves are also used in making jams, syrups, sauces and spices. Some people are sceptical about the zobo … Continue Reading →

Fried Egg

Breakfast Fried Eggs

Making fried eggs for breakfast is a very healthy meal option for kids. When you think of high quality protein, count eggs in and remember that it supplies the body with essential amino acids. These are the protein building blocks that helps us to function well and the human body cannot produce it on its … Continue Reading →