irish potato fish pottage

Irish Potato Fish Pottage

This Irish Potato Fish Pottage is bursting with flavour and colours, which is one of the attractions for kids when eating. A colourful plate also connotes a healthy meal and that’s why we should always try and colour the kids plates with different vegetables. With lots of fish, a good source of protein and ripe … Continue Reading →

Carrot and Oats Pancake

Carrot and Oats Pancake

Oats are always a healthier and more filling option than regular white flour, so combining both to make pancake strikes a better balance than using only the latter. Carrot and Oats Pancake is a kid-friendly and delicious way of sneaking in vegetables into their breakfast or lunchbox. You can grate the carrots or otherwise cut up … Continue Reading →


Ripe Plantain Muffins

Ripe plantains are sweet and are always a favourite for kids, even picky eaters. These ripe plantain muffins are  a very good alternative to offering kids cupcakes that are laden with flour, sugar and butter as a snack. They taste as sweet as a cupcakes and can be served in various ways as shown in … Continue Reading →

Vegetable Egg Stew

Vegetable Egg Stew

Adding vegetables to egg stew is one good way to get your fussy eater to get those nutrients from veggies in, especially if they love their eggs. I mince my vegetables for making this vegetable egg stew using a chopper, so that it will not look too big and as well blend in with  the … Continue Reading →

Fish Curry Couscous

Fish Curry Couscous

Couscous is a type of pasta that is made up of semolina and wheat flour. It can make a good alternative to rice dishes for kids as they almost look the same in appearance. The best thing about couscous is that it rarely needs to be cooked and all you need is boiling water or … Continue Reading →


Diabetes in Nigeria and A Recipe

November 14 of every year is globally recognised as ‘World Diabetes Day’ and it is aimed at creating awareness on the rising cases of diabetes around the world. I came to know most things about diabetes at a very young age because someone close to me suffered from it…my Mum, and i was involved in … Continue Reading →


Foods to Avoid Giving Your Baby

Once baby clocks six months, it’s time to start trying solid foods ranging from purees to mashes to soft boiled finger foods. There are however some foods that we should avoid introducing to babies until after they turn one year or more. This is because they are either pose a health or choking hazard to babies. … Continue Reading →

Stuffed Yam Ball

Stuffed Nigerian Yam Balls

Stuffed Nigerian Yam Balls are a little variation of the yam croquette in terms of shape and content. This is stuffed with minced meat which will surely make it extra yummy for the kids. This will make a good handy breakfast with pap or custard and as well a lunchbox meal for school kids. It … Continue Reading →

Mushy Yummy Plantain and Peas

Mushy Yummy Peas and Plantain

Mushy Yummy Peas and Plantain is an ideal meal for babies from 8 months and older. To encourage baby’s motor development, chunkier meals are introduced at this age so that they can start learning how to chew with their teeth…more or less their gums which are strong enough to chew softly mashed foods. This is … Continue Reading →

Carrot-Egg Sauce Bulgur

Carrot-Egg Sauce Bulgur

Carrot-Egg Sauce Bulgur meal made with leftover carrot-egg sauce earlier posted and also some leftover cooked bulgur wheat found in the freezer. You can recreate an entirely new and delicious meal for the kids with leftover meals. If you cook in bulk, then the opportunity to be creative will always be available. It can also be … Continue Reading →

Does Nigerian food make you fat?

Does Nigerian Food Make You Fat?

If the above typically resemble what your daily meal looks like, then the answer to that question “Does Nigerian food make you fat?” is a resounding YES. I and some other Nigerian food bloggers have teamed up to individually answer this question so as to learn and enlighten all of us that are reading this … Continue Reading →

Noodle and Sardine Bites

Noodles and Sardine Bites

Noodles can be regarded as a Nigerian food now and is one of the go-to quick meals that most families resort to. Eating noodles on its own offers little or no nutritional value to kids, so other food groups are added to it always, especially vegetables and proteins to make it more palatable and nutritious. I … Continue Reading →