Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese is just good old plain spaghetti cooked and tossed in bolognese sauce – a flavourful combination of minced meat, tomatoes and spices.  This sauce doesn’t take forever to prepare and the delicious meat clusters make it a meal that your kids will definitely enjoy. The ingredients are also easily sourced and bolognese sauce … Continue Reading →

Baby Beans & Potato Mash

Baby Potato and Beans Mash

This mash is perfectly suitable for babies from 7-8 months of age and is a good way of getting your baby to start getting used to food textures. Potatoes are one of the first foods that can be introduced to babies as they are easily digestible and  contains a high amount of starch which give … Continue Reading →

Chicken and Carrot Sandwich

Chicken and Carrot Sandwich

Chicken and Carrot Sandwich is one healthy sandwich to make for the kids as breakfast or as a school lunch. It is an all-in one meal that has a majority of the food groups that make up a healthy diet. You can prepare your chicken and vegetables the night before and assemble everything in the … Continue Reading →

21 Easy Homemade Lunchbox Ideas

21 Easy Homemade School Lunchbox Ideas

Thinking of what should be in your kid’s lunchbox can be a challenge especially if you don’t want them going to school everyday with the same food or sandwich in their bag. It will definitely be boring for them and i bet they come home and dump that uneaten meal for you. Here are 21 Easy … Continue Reading →

How to make your breadcrumbs without using oven and blender

How to make your breadcrumbs without using oven and blender

I got emails from some mothers asking if there is an alternative way of making their breadcrumbs without using oven. “Of course there is”, i answered and so the reason for writing this post. I decided to go all manual for the benefit of the mums that may not have a blender or most especially … Continue Reading →

Egg in a Hole Toast

Egg-in-a-Hole Toast

Egg-in-a-Hole Toast is simply egg fried in a hole made in the middle of toasted bread. It is one easy, creative and fun way of making fancy breakfast that the kids will love. All you need are eggs, sliced bread, butter and your cookie cutter. I used one egg to make the two slices of toast … Continue Reading →

Brown Rice Cereal

Homemade Brown Rice Cereal

Brown rice (also called ‘Ofada Rice’ in Nigeria) is healthier and more nutritious than white rice. This is because it has not been stripped off its several layer composition, in contrast with white rice which has been milled and polished to remove almost all its layers thereby stripping off a majority of the nutrients. White … Continue Reading →

Back-to-School Food Tips

Back-To-School Food Tips

After the long holidays comes the task of getting the kids ready to start a new school year. It is always good to draw up your list as early as possible and ensure you have everything ready for them to start ease into the term. Read my post on “staying healthy tips” to remind you … Continue Reading →

Carrot Egg Stew

Carrot Egg Sauce

Carrot stew or sauce has become an alternative to tomato stew. It is equally quite healthy and a good way to get your fussy eater kid get a healthy dose of carotenes and vitamins from the carrots.  I made this carrot egg sauce to be used as an alternative to tomato egg sauce. This thick … Continue Reading →

Pawpaw Pudding

Pawpaw Sweet Pudding

Pawpaw sweet pudding is a delicious dessert to indulge the kids with. If you have a baby at home that you make pawpaw puree for, then just add a lot more pawpaw to puree and get the bigger kids enjoy a pudding later. There are various things we can do with pawpaw apart from eating … Continue Reading →

Stewed Penne Pasta

Stewed Penne Pasta

Penne Pasta comes in a cylindrical shape with sharp tips at both ends that make it look like the tip of a writing pen…probably that is where the name came from or maybe not. I like using penne pasta with tomato stew which i make thick and in big quantity, so that it will coat … Continue Reading →

Pawpaw Puree

Pawpaw Puree

Pawpaw (also called ‘papaya’) is one of our tropical delicious fruits. It is nutrient rich with folates, as well as vitamins A, C & E, which makes it equally good for the skin. Pawpaw is a good source of fibre, helping in digestion which is good for babies. To make pawpaw puree for your baby, ensure … Continue Reading →