7-Steps to making Baby’s Brown Pap

Pap is one of the first weaning meals introduced to babies in Nigeria. It is quite popular and generally known in all parts of the country, Igbos call it Akamu; Yorubas call it Ogi and Hausas call it Koko…what do you call it in your language? I will update as i get more names. Pap … Continue Reading →


Beef Curry Stew

This beef curry stew is so easy to make and will make a difference from the regular tomato stew.  Meat is one rich source of protein that many kids love to eat and cutting it into tiny bits or chunks as a sauce will possibly attract the fussy meat lover. The beef curry stew is … Continue Reading →


Chicken and Liver Stir-fried Noodles

Instant Noodles, as contentiously unhealthy as it has been branded, is still a staple in many Nigerian homes. What makes the difference to this ‘unhealthy’ meal is what you add to it, especially when making it for growing children. Adding enough proteins and vitamins turns it into a better and healthy meal. Chicken is a … Continue Reading →


Egg Tuna Toastie

  The sandwich maker is one kitchen gadget that comes in handy for making a quick breakfast toastie, packing a snack for lunch or just making up something for the kids to nibble on before the main meal appears. Here’s a simple egg tuna toastie to start our sandwich maker toastie recipes with. If you … Continue Reading →


Avocado for Babies and Toddlers

I love avocado pear not just as a food but also as a hair conditioner, though i always lick half of my hair mix consisting of avocado, honey and yogurt because it is that good. Now i’ve  given you one adult avocado recipe to try. Avocado is a unique food (it is a fruit that … Continue Reading →


Nigerian Yam Croquette

Nigerian Yam Croquette was born out of the leftover yams cut off to get my yam cookies. That means you are not wasting yam by using a cookie cutter to make some delightful shapes that will attract a fussy eater or even any child to try out yam. You can either make it in the … Continue Reading →

Plantain Corn Muffin

Plantain and Cornmeal Moi-Moi

Making Plantain and Cornmeal Moi-moi is another way to use up your ripe plantain. The sweetcorn added to it gives more sweetness and bite to this savoury muffin. These muffins can make a good breakfast or dinner, and can also serve as a lunchbox school meal for the kids. It will go well with pap, … Continue Reading →


Fruity Soya Porridge

Soyabeans as we popularly call it (as against Soybeans) is a plant protein that is different from other plant foods. It contains unique proteins, essential amino acids and other nutrients that are very important for the growth and development of children. Soyabeans’ high protein content can be compared to the ones found in animal proteins and … Continue Reading →


Mackerel Egg Stew

 Fish is good for babies, toddlers, kids and adults. It is a very good source of protein with a low unsaturated fat content. Mackerel fish is one very healthy fish to add to kids and toddler meals, not only because of the protein, vitamin D and some of the B vitamins that it contains. It … Continue Reading →


Simple Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Chicken nuggets are kids pleasers anytime. It is an all time favourite once you take them out to a fast food restaurant and they fly out of the plates into the mouths as quickly as they are ordered. Chicken nuggets are also a perfect finger food for toddlers too, and as well a good snack. … Continue Reading →


Stewed Moimoi and Sausages

This moimoi recipe makes use of tomato stew as an ingredient rather than using tatashe or tomatoes alone…thanks to my friend, Uka Akogu for giving me this idea. I added sausages to the moimoi to make it more inviting, tasty and something  different for the kids. The stew base can be made up immediately or … Continue Reading →


Yam and Sweet Potato Chicken Veggies

Yam and sweet potato are combined to make this nutritious pottage which can be introduced to babies as a purée from 6 months or given to older babies who are able to chew their food on their own. I believe it is better and wiser to introduce babies to chewing at an early stage, so … Continue Reading →